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Construction of country houses and cottages kylee kayo

You have decided to build a house and now you need to choose a cottage project. Projects of private houses. Hi. Here on the website projects of cottages: wooden houses and karkasno-panel cottages, houses from aerated concrete and foam concrete, and also monolithic houses and brick cottages. You can choose both standard and individual project. Look, discuss, consult. House designs with drawings for free. Leaving a request on the site, you will call back specialist projects cottages.

Projects of cottages

In order to obtain a building permit, it is necessary to have a cottage project. What will the future house need to plan, imagine how many rooms are needed and what functions they will carry. Construction of private cottages. Be sure to take into account the wishes of each family member. Draw an approximate plan of the location of the house and additional buildings and premises. Now you can order an individual project. A house or cottage makes you unique. The second method is a typical project-a standard in which small changes are possible if necessary. Ready-made projects of houses and cottages for free. The advantages of this method: fast implementation of the project, by the way the cost of its production will be minimal. The project is, first of all, an instruction in the form of sketches for construction and involves the content of 30 to 280 sheets.

They specify the type of construction and specifics, as well as the material of construction. Architectural and construction section of the project-is primarily working drawings of the building. It contains General data on the project from the Foundation to the roof. House designs with drawings for free. The whole documentation consists of sections: architectural and constructive solution. Here everything is included: floor plans, plans, floor, facade construction, sections of the building — the principal, plans the installation of rafters, design of major components of the cottage or home, the Foundation of the project. The project plan also includes a three-dimensional image of a cottage. Engineering part of the project: here are the General schemes and specifics of water supply and Sewerage systems, heating, as well as electricity and ventilation. House designs with sizes for free. Everything is done in accordance with the individuality of the project. House with attic, cottage with convenient Parking, house with garage, as well as attic, two-storey house with ground floor large selection with photos and drawings. Order specialist consultation for free. After the creation or purchase of the project, you can already safely get permission to build a cottage or an individual suburban house. Projects of houses and cottages for free up to 150. In General, all that your heart desires. You can also order a passport of the project, as well as the estimate for the construction of the object.

  1. To select a project
  2. Enter data in the request
  3. Confirm your order on call
  4. To pay the order in any way
  5. The design solution of your future home is in your hands

How to order a cottage project?

First of all, decide for yourself what will be your house or cottage. It depends on whether you choose a typical project on the site or negotiate with a consultant features of your individual project. Leave the data on your future cottage or house project and your personal data with a mandatory indication of the phone. Projects of houses with garage. The specialist will contact you and clarify all the details of the order. The courier will deliver the project of the cottage personally. A great project of a cottage, taking into account all features of the future house.

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